Grow lights are the best sources of light required by the plants to ensure a good vegetative growth and flowering and that’s why the yare getting fame day by day. Almost everyone who desires to grow indoors must be knowing about how all this is actually done,but the main confusion lies in the choice making for suitable lights. More often, users settle down after purchasing lights which tend to either provide no or just a little support for plants and herbs. So, the user must be very much selective while buying such products because a wrong move is only a wastage of time and money.

So, here we’ve brought to you certain tips for selecting good LED grow lights:

1: Look For The Light Intensity :

Higher the intensity of light, greater are the chances to yield the maximum out of small growth.Seedlings require a lot of bright light and often produce nothing because of improper lighting conditions.Fluorescent lights are therefore recommended for the seedlings to nourish them in the best possible way. So, if you are planning to make any decisions regarding growing lights then keep this point among the prior ones.

2: Heat Emission Is Also A Thing Of Concern

Always purchase those bulbs which emit the least possible heat along with the light. Although heat is also essential for the plant growth but it must not go beyond a specific temperature range. Incandescent bulbs are that’s why not preferred or recommended for this kind of practice because they emit more heat than light which is obviously unfavourable for plants. Fluorescent bulbs are considered to be the most favourable ones ( available in the form of different company products in the market).


3: Durability

Choose lights which are least prone to failure and fusing problems. Many herbs and plants need light for a duration of about 12 to 15 hours and this it is essential to maintain a continuous supply during that specific interval. Failure may cause an insignificant deviation in plant growth which is of course not desired .

4: Colour Of Light

Different colours specify different wavelengths. It is easy to know about the wavelength requirements of the plant by asking the experts, but it is even that much hard as well to maintain and to make the right choice at last. These lights to the maximum must be able to replicate the sunlight because natural growth can be supported this way only. Today we have a lot of bulbs having a low profile but higher performances ( replicates of fluorescent bulbs) that can do the best we desire to be done. Only these should be selected while practising indoor cultivation.


5: Wattage/ Power Consumption

Lights with lower power consumption and greater performance must be purchased so that you also can enjoy the outcomes with lower bills to be paid. All these grow lights come with a power rating written on them, so you can choose them on the basis of their power consumptions and reviews.

So, these were the things you should look in the grow lights before actually purchasing them for your plants. Basic things hold the greatest importance in distinguishing the best products from the thousand others. So be wise while selecting them.


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